Create a personal online fundraising page for your school.  With your family and friends, together you can raise $365 to help out with the little things.
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We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization.

Every child deserves an education that can prepare them to be successful in their personal and business life.  Seeing how budget cuts are slowly taking away the little things that are essential to the development of our children's skills, artistic abilities and talents, we couldn't just sit idly by.  Our children are our future and they need our help today.

It's about everyone pitching in, to help schools in our communities or under privileged schools in other neighborhoods.  It's a call to action, a social change that encourages you to pay it forward for our kids for as little as a dollar a day for a year.  It's crowdraising, using today's technology and social networks to make a difference together.   

A Dollar A Day For A Year is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, whose mission is to help schools raise funds for the children in our communities by creating a simple, honest, visible and effective tool while working together as concerned citizens without personal, religious, political or financial gain, keeping it about the children. 

We are helping schools raise money for the little things. Not newer buildings, salaries or big purchases. The little things that keep getting cut but are still vital to help support student learning and life skills development. Your contribution will help fund classroom essentials, projects, field trips, books and programs. All net funds raised will go directly to schools.

To promote this movement, get the word out there and invite you to join by making a pledge and spreading the word too.  To encourage communities to pitch in to help their schools.  To provide you with a fundraising tool so you don't have to raise $365 alone.  To connect donors to schools.  To provide transparency so you can see where your donations are making an impact. 


PLEDGE365 is a movement inspired by CJ Sternfels when she was nine.  She recognized the effects budget cuts were having on the quality of her education.  She wanted to help and decided to take action.  Together, she and her mother started a nonprofit organization called "A Dollar A Day For A Year".  She wants to share and spread this idea because she knows together, we can make things happen.  The idea is to ask individuals, families and businesses to help by pledging $365 (a dollar a day for a year) to help a school in their community.  Anyone can join. 

Hello, my name is Cj. When I was nine, I became aware of budget cuts affecting schools. That year, they took away some bus services, programs for the arts, field trips and increased our class sizes. It started there and is getting worse every year. 

When I listen to the news, it seems all hope is fading fast. They say my generation is going to be left with so much debt, statistics are not in our favor. People are angry, frustrated and too upset to care. On top of this, we also have wars, devastation and global warming that are slowly leaving a trail of decay. What we see are results of our actions and reactions by man, the world and nature. Sad, but true.

I think we all need to stop for a bit, sit in silence and think about what it would be like 10 years from now if we don’t start to do something. There is hope. No matter how bad it may seem today, we can change this by starting with one act, a day at a time. Start in your community. Help the schools in your neighborhood. By giving a dollar a day for a year and getting everyone you know involved too! My vision starts here, but my mission ends not. If we focus on the children first, we can move on to the elderly, our veterans, healthcare and yes… world peace. 

Beyond newer books and better technology, some schools can’t even afford basic items like crayons and blackboards. With your help, we can bring back much needed support to the public education system, so please donate today with just one dollar a day. Join us. Make a difference with us. I believe in my future. Do you?

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